Repa Patel

Leadership Development For Business Growth

I believe we all have a sacred duty to make a difference in this world by using our unique gifts. I work with leaders to connect them to their passions and align with their higher purpose in their role as a senior leader or business owner.

I work at the intersection of yoga philosophy (mindfulness), neuroscience and positive change. I am on a mission to bring more meaning to business by helping leaders to deeply connect with their unique strengths and drive business and career growth from a more centred space in their mind and their body.

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I am a good coach for you if:

  • You have achieved considerable success yet you are seeking a deeper sense of authenticity in your role and better work/life integration
  • You are committed to making sustainable and authentic change
  • You need a personally tailored strategy to grow your business or career
  • You are an action-taker and love to challenge yourself to grow

My clients include

  • CEOs, executives & senior leaders
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Leaders of non-for-profit organisations
  • Team leaders & teams
  • Consultants

Client Stories

Andrew’s Story

Andrew Smith
Vice President (Engagement)
Swinburne University of Technology

Not only do I have a deeper understanding of my own leadership skills, I am also more mindful of those around me as a result of this experience. Outcomes of a 360 review after 12 months showed that my leadership development objectives had been achieved and that there had been a noticeable positive impact on how peers and my own team viewed me in my leadership role

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly Smith
General Manager (Administration & Insurance)

Repa gave me the gift of mindfulness. Our coaching sessions went well beyond your typical coaching program: it touched the very essence of understanding my true self. Working with Repa was ‘transformational’ at all levels. What I received from Repa was truly a life gift that has impacted all aspects of me as a person and my ability to lead others

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Adele’s Story

Adele Murdolo
Executive Director
Multicultural Centre for Womens Health

Our objective was to develop a Strategic Plan that was both visionary and practical, to move MCWH forward into a new direction to suit rapidly changing circumstances.  Repa guided us through a process which enabled us to engage our important stakeholders in thinking positively about the future of our organisation.  Her inclusion of yoga and meditation techniques kept us energised and engaged.  We are now implementing the final year of our Strategic Plan and our evaluation is showing that it has been an amazingly successful plan.

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Christine’s Story

Christine Clais
Small Business Owner
The French Facialist

I would describe Repa’s executive coaching style as powerful and holistic. She has a real gift for getting you to the core of what needs to be addressed: no hiding! Thanks to Repa, I have gained a strong inner vision of where my life is heading to, as well as a solid plan to help me reach my professional and personal goals. Because of this added clarity in my life, I am now attracting new opportunities, as if things were falling into place effortlessly. This is the best life investment I have ever made.

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