As we move further into Spring, nature reminds me of the change and growth that happens at this time of year. 

Already I’ve seen the cherry blossoms that line the streets blooming, and soon new plants and produce will begin to grow. But, without carefully planning and preparing the soil for Spring, those plants and produce would never grow and prosper.

It’s the same in your leadership journey. If you want to grow into your full potential as a leader, have more impact in your work, and experience more joy in your role, you must consciously choose to change and grow.

For me, there are 4 key steps to prepare for growth in your leadership:

1. Celebrate your achievements without feeling self-indulgent

Often when we are delivering good work, overcoming busyness, or trying to keep up with our workloads, we complete one milestone only to move on to the next, without pausing to celebrate. Taking time to celebrate your successes is an important step in your growth. By experiencing positive emotions, you open your mind to be more creative, flexible and innovative. Exactly what you need to grow.

When was the last time you celebrated an achievement?

2. Listen to feedback from trusted sources

It’s easy to brush off important feedback as unnecessary criticism. But feedback is a sign post on your leadership journey. Find a trusted mentor or boss who is aligned with your purpose and ask them for specific feedback on the key areas of your growth. Then you can navigate your blind spots. 

Do you have someone from whom you seek regular feedback?

3. Reflect on the past to plan for the future

Reflection is a key component of goal setting, future planning and leadership development. Consciously look back on your leadership journey, both the good and the bad. Make note of when you were most influential and joyous at work, and make a plan to have more of these moments.

What makes you feel most fulfilled in your leadership role?

4. Know that courage is the critical component of change

Making the choice to do something different can be challenging, but doing the same things over and over again will only ever yield the same results. Without the courage to change, you will never grow as a leader. And it is only at the edge of discomfort that we find growth.

What do you need to change today to grow into the best leader you can be?


Having the courage to change and grow can be challenging, but it is crucial in order to lead more authentically, influence (not manage) your team, and have more impact in your work. 

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