Every year come December, I am inundated with friends, family, and clients telling me how tired and burnt out they are. Modern workplaces and 21st century living has resulted in employees working longer hours, taking fewer holidays, and succumbing to illness when they finally do stop for their annual Christmas break. 

This year has been particularly taxing with working from home blurring the lines of work, family and rest.

Working on demand without daily periods of rest and sleep is simply unsustainable. In the pursuit of excellence, and the rise of “hustle culture”, we have come to believe that rest and sleep are luxuries that we can easily sacrifice in the pursuit of performance. This is simply not so. 

Rest is not a luxury; it is a necessity, particularly for leaders

Without rest, we risk long-term mental and physical repercussions, and ultimately burnout and breakdown. In a world that is constantly on-the-go, our minds and bodies need time to ‘shut off’ and reset. 

Use this holiday season to reflect and re-energise. While taking a break from work, it can be a great opportunity to consciously start or restart healthy habits, including blocking out time in your day and week to rest, recover, and reset. 

What habits can you form now to ensure your sustainable success as a leader in the coming year?