“Spring is a time of growth, renewal, new life and cleansing,” says Michelle Dalbec, Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Trainer.  Are you and your career sprouting shoots of possibility?  

In the southern hemisphere, it’s spring.  We have experienced our first glimpses of warmer weather, the days are getting longer, and there is a sense of forward-looking towards the festive and holiday seasons, as the earth’s natural rhythm stir us to awaken from the heaviness of winter.  We experience renewed energy and look to clearing out the old to make room to grow the new.

Often, we think of spring cleaning our homes and cleansing our bodies but what about our careers and our true homes, our deepest self?  How can we apply the principles of growth and renewal to our work and ourselves?  The answer lies in conscious awareness, reflection and holistic decision-making to ensure the outcomes are aligned and prioritise your thriving.

Present moment

The only place to start is the present moment, it’s all you have control over, and it’s where change happens.  Bringing your awareness back to what is real, right now will help you to focus, improve your well-being and productivity.  Here’s how to do that.


In our achievement focused society, we value actions above all.  Sometimes those actions lead us to unintentional destinations.  I spent many years in a career that I found unfulfilling despite being successful.  It was only when I started reflecting on what I truly wanted that I connected with my deeper purpose, which led to a significant career shift.

In our reflections too, we tend to focus on physical or external outcomes such as promotions or increases in pay, and we ignore inner growth and learning.  To balance this, I use a reflection framework that navigates mind, body and awareness.  Looking back on the last quarter, I ask myself:

  • What did I do?  Where were my actions focused and how does that compare with my goals?
  • What did I think?  What was going through my mind and how did that support my goals?
  • How and where was my awareness?  Your awareness is that deeper part of your attention that notices when your mind has wandered from a task.  What did I consciously choose to focus on?
  • What have I learned?


In Australian society, the concept of the “tall poppy syndrome” can result in neglecting celebration, an essential aspect of goal achievement.  If you have ever had the feeling of being underwhelmed or feeling relief after the attainment of a goal, try celebrating.  Research tells us that positive emotion broadens the mind and improves well-being.


Immediately after the celebration is the time to consider your goals for the next quarter.  Think of goals for:

  • You – your personal goals for your mind, body and awareness
  • Your career – What are the next steps in your career
  • Your business – How will you grow your business

How will you use your mind, body and awareness to achieve these goals?