Mindfulness In The Office

Imagine for a moment that the agenda for your next team meeting started with a “mindful moment”.  As you walk towards the meeting room, you are confused. You don’t recall seeing this on the agenda in the past. What does it mean? You become nervous. What did you need to do (that you have not done) to prepare?  What is a mindful moment anyway? You sit down and notice others pointing to that agenda item as your manager walks in and begins to chair the meeting by asking everyone to close their eyes and take 3 deep breaths. What would…

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How to get a sense of achievement from each day

Think about a day where you finished it with a sense of satisfaction that everything on the task list is completed. How often does that happen? If you are like many people, not often enough. More often than not, you are feeling drained and exhausted but not sure why. Why is it that in a world which is filled with ways in which to complete tasks faster, people are feeling overscheduled, overcommitted and overstretched? It seems almost popular to be in a state of busyness than to be seen to be doing ‘nothing’. Yet research is showing that it’s stopping…

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ABC News Interview: Productivity

When Canadian entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson made headlines for his ‘not to do list‘, ABC News asked Repa Patel to provide her perspective on productivity. Repa appeared on air to share her experiences with time management and provide inside tips on how reflection is the key to productivity. View the full interview below, first aired on ABC News in 2017.

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