Why choosing to lead is not enough

There are many types of leaders and, yet, very few of the leaders I meet have consciously chosen the type of leader they want to become. I believe there are 3 dimensions of leadership: Functional – an expert in a particular field, a neurosurgeon, for example Professional – a leader that manages a group of functional experts, the head of neurosurgery at a hospital would be a good example Transcendental – a leader that is known for their ability to influence large groups of people towards a common goal.  A CEO of a hospital, for example A functional expert loves…

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Be Conscious of What Drives You

Have you ever worked really hard for something in your career and experienced only relief when you achieved it? Cathy Freeman described this when she won Olympic gold at the Sydney 2000 games. That’s what you experience when your goals are not aligned with your purpose. Purpose is a confusing word that is often used to mean anything from values to intention. It’s not some lofty ideal like world peace or solving poverty either. Purpose drives performance and it’s the impact you want to have on others. One of the questions I’m asked most often from leaders I work with…

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How to curate a powerfully positive work culture in a topsy turvy world

As we shift into new beginnings post-COVID, the workplace environment is going to be an entirely different space – physically, mentally and emotionally. Like it or not, we need to understand that the traditional methodologies around change management and implementation which have made us successful in the past may not necessarily make us successful in the future. One thing we can be certain of in business is uncertainty and in this constantly changing world, we need to create a positive work culture, starting with our leadership teams. An organisation’s biggest asset is its people and with them, they bring their…

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Why a vocation is more important than a career

As a child, I believed I could be anything I wanted to be.  I was fascinated by many different subjects and loved reading, which led me to dive deeply into topics that often had little correlation.  Under the old English school system, at 14 I had to pick subjects to study that would eventually define the university degree I could apply to study.  This was a big decision for a 14-year-old. What did I want to be when I grew up? Of course, this was the day of one career per lifetime, and from this limited framework, I allowed myself…

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The CEO Magazine: ikigai

Repa was recently invited to share her insights on purpose with The CEO Magazine. Originally published in the January 2018 edition of CEO Magazine, in this article Repa explains the concept of ikigai and how it can positively impact your career. Enjoyed this article? Download a PDF

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