Most organisational change focuses on structure, process and systems. Even when there is a genuine intention to engage people to effect change, the majority of resources, effort and energy is concentrated on processes and systems changing, and then expecting people to adapt quickly.

To create real change in an organisation, you need to start with changing the way your leaders behave, supporting them to effect a deeper personal change that is not reliant on the end result.  

In any change initiative, there are bound to be errors and things that don’t go to plan. This is a salient reminder that as leaders, we control our intention, actions, and our behaviours –  but we don’t control outcomes. 

When the outcome is not what you expected, despite the right intention and aligned actions, you need a way of operating that allows you to hold yourself in a non- judgemental space where you can examine and learn from the situation.

This is what I call self-compassion, a vital quality for all leaders and one that is often missing in organisational leadership development.

How have you grown your impact as a leader through self-compassion?