Elevate: A New Path for Leaders to Navigate Uncertainty


This book will teach you a new way to lead and navigate uncharted territory, to engage your heart, mind and energy to lead authentically, deliver more meaningful impact and experience joy more often in your work.  You will learn:

  • Why uncertainty is certain and how you need to lead yourself first before you lead others
  • How to authentically redefine success in an unpredictable environment
  • How to find your purpose as a leader and use it to navigate your career
  • Why you need to build a tool kit to thrive through difficulties as a leader
  • How to use courage as a component of change
  • How to convert fear into conviction
  • How being conscious of your mind and actions can help you adapt to uncertainty/disruption

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Stephen Cope

Bestselling author of The Great Work of Your Life

If you are a leader who aspires to live up to your full human potential while simultaneously transforming your organisation into a guided missile of effectiveness, then you will want to pick up Repa’s book. Highly recommended!

Dr Antonio Grossi, FANZCA, MHA

Medical Director Cabrini Brighton

An authentic, accessible, and practical primer for anyone genuinely interested in maturing from a manager to transcendental leader. You cannot lead others without getting your own house in order. Let Repa be your guide on this journey and become the leader you deserve to be.

John Murphy

CEO Azupay

Whether you’re a leader in business, philanthropy, government or not for profit, if you are searching to make a difference through your leadership this book will help you to move from the edge of your comfort zone towards your true potential.

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