I provide corporates and executives with a purposefully tailored program that leads them to a deeply centred space where they can connect to their purpose and authenticity as a leader.

The success of my executive coaching program is founded upon creating sustainable change for leaders and teams from large corporate organisations, not-for-profit organisations and professional services firms.

Through the process of appreciative inquiry, I help clients understand the impact they have on themselves, their teams and their wider organisation so that they may harness their energy to achieve personal and organisational goals.

The Executive Coaching Program Will Empower…

Executives To re-connect to that centred, authentic space within yourself where honest insights flow, so that you can make better decisions and enact change.
Senior Leaders To balance personal and professional commitments; transition from being a ‘juggler’ to a centred, energised and resilient leader.
Change Leaders To Create a tangible roadmap to guide personal and organisational changes and trial new ideas in a confidential and safe environment.
Team Leaders To inspire teams and other leaders to work with you on carrying out changes within your organisation, and transform workplace culture.
Newly Appointed or Promoted Leaders To increase your impact on the organisation through a laser sharp focus on the personal and organisational factors that are key to successful transition.


Tools and Techniques For The Executive

During your specifically tailored coaching program, I support you through a holistic transformation to reconnect with your innate wisdom and re-align your mind, body, energy, and spirit. I draw upon many evidence-based techniques from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and yoga to select the right tools to specifically support your unique journey. The emphasis is on what works for you and how you can integrate the tools into your life. The following list is sample of what I offer in my executive coaching programs.

Wheel of life.

A tool that you will complete at the start of the program to rate your satisfaction with various areas of your life, career and business. This tool reveals any imbalances in the output of time and energy across 8 life areas and can form an insightful starting point to refocus your energies towards greater integration between your work and other, equally important areas of your life. Tracking results is a key part of measuring return on investment of coaching which is why I encourage the you to revisit the Wheel of Life at regular intervals throughout your life.

Mindful Career Map

A business strategy tool which integrates your career progression goals and your business development goals into actionable steps, which can be tracked and measured over time. If required, this can be integrated into a specific time management plan with using practical strategies for focusing on the most pressing tasks or reconciling competing priorities.

Mindfulness Methods.

A set of mindfulness techniques that are highly personalised to your situation, personality, energy, and current barriers. As an experienced Kripalu yoga teacher, I am certified to teach you how to reach a state of mindfulness to improve areas that are currently a sticking point in your life or career. The benefits include enhanced confidence, enhancement of well being through reduction of stress, and increased clarity in decision-making.


Repa’s support has been invaluable to me over the last 18 months. I felt that Repa and I connected from our first meeting, building rapport quickly, which enabled a productive relationship from the outset. Repa challenged and supported me, taking me out of my comfort zone, in a safe and supportive manner. In so doing, I was able to set clear goals, working steadily to their achievement. I particularly love the use of Mindfulness in her coaching techniques, as this provides an added layer of effectiveness.

Wendy Fauvel
Leadership Team Specialist, Facilitator, Coach
First Team First


Repa takes a holistic approach to coaching, utilising mindfulness and meditation techniques, and applying the research of neuroscience to her coaching approach. Our sessions include practical methods for applying these practices and discussing their impacts. These have had profound effects on my personal and professional successes.

Kathie Tomeo
HR Director