Vision and Mission

Priming executives and business owners to lead from the inside out

I’m on a mission to bring more meaning to business by helping leaders to deeply connect with their unique strengths and to drive business and career growth from a centered and authentic space. Leaders have huge impacts on our communities, through the economic contributions of their businesses and the personal effect of their leadership on those they lead.

Once a leader deeply connects to their purpose, their leadership becomes authentic and meaningful, permitting and inspiring others around them to do the same. My contribution to changing the world is in fuelling a transformative energy in leaders; an energy that sparks positive change not only in the leader’s life, but also in their business, partnerships, and families.

"You will either step forward into growth, or back into safety"

Abraham Maslow

Professional Bio

To achieve consistent business results in unpredictable times, it is critical to engage an expert Leadership Facilitator.  Someone who understands leadership is influencing others, not just directing them. Change happens now, when you consciously make a different decision.

Repa Patel GAICD is the author of Elevate, a new path for leaders to navigate uncertainty.  She is also a speaker, facilitator, executive coach and non-executive director. With extensive experience of business leadership in corporate organisations, Repa grasps the intricacies of leading teams through the complexity of change and matrix management to deliver sustainable business results.

Repa is known for her insightful and compassionately challenging approach.  Working at the intersection of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness, she is one of only a handful of people in Australia to be certified in the application of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology of Positive Business Change by one of its founders, Professor Ron Fry of Case Western Reserve University (USA).  

Leadership is a practice. As a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holder of an honours degree in Law, Repa continues to lead the community in her non-executive directorship roles as Board Chair and current board member of the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health.

Because of the transformative results of her work, Repa continues to attract organisations that are committed to building teams that achieve their highest potential. Her diverse client portfolio includes C suite executives of ASX companies, not for profits and many more.

As an author and public speaker, she is sought out to comment on mindful leadership by peak media outlets such as ABC News, CEO Magazine and many more.



  • ANZ Bank
  • ME Bank
  • National Australia Bank

Consulting Firms

  • IBM
  • PSI
  • Hassell


  • YMCA
  • BankVic
  • Education Services Australia
  • Victorian Government (Dept of Education)