Katie’s Story

Katie Berman
Senior Consultant
Pinnacle Group Australia

Somehow my life led me to Leading Mindfully and I will be forever grateful to have been coached by someone as truly and deeply wise as Repa, who shared so much of who she is and what she has experienced. I value and appreciate everything I did with Repa and I look forward to continuing our relationship as I travel along my professional journey.

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Alice’s Story

Alice Bassett
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

The wonderful thing about Repa is that she absolutely challenges you and pushes you (safely) outside your comfort zone. She is also the master of accountability – so you should know that you WILL experience change through this process. I have enjoyed the benefits from my acts of courage and bravery, and you will too.  The brilliance of coaching with Repa is the unexpected improvements that present along the way. Her work is so important in the world and she has reignited my passion for leadership and elevated my mindset and self-belief in countless ways.

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly Spiteri
Executive Advisor
Victorian Legal Services Commissioner

Kelly is a highly effective Executive Advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the Victorian social insurance jurisdictions and a passion for social justice and welfare. She is an outcome-oriented professional with an established track record of taking ownership, with the ability to diagnose an issue and create effective direction to deliver high quality and sustainable outcomes. A proven key influencer committed to working collaboratively across organisations and stakeholder networks, Kelly is filled with energy, pragmatism and sound emotional judgement.

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Sonja’s Story

Sonja Steiner
Head of Wrap Operations
Colonial First State

Working with Repa has been challenging, rewarding and life-changing, all at the same time. Having a whole of self-approach and mindfulness across work and personal life brings a balance and grounding that has helped me be my best. Repa has a great style, both supportive and challenging you to be your best. The techniques and tools we worked on have made a significant difference to the way I approach work, leadership and life in general. Moreover, putting them into practice and receiving positive feedback from my team has reinforced a learning and growth mindset in the way I lead. Thanks…

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Andrew’s Story

Andrew Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Education Services Australia

Andrew is a strategic transformation executive with extensive leadership experience in education and training. With a proven record of success in transforming organisations, Andrew has led complex organisations and effectively managed high profile internal and external stakeholder environments to produce mutually beneficial and enduring relationships. He was the CEO of the Australian Council for Private Education and training and CEO of Swinburne College prior to taking up his current role as Vice President (Engagement) at Swinburne.

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly Smith
General Manager (Portfolio, Delivery & Intelligent Automation)
AIA Australia

Repa gave me the gift of mindfulness. Our coaching sessions went well beyond your typical coaching program: it touched the very essence of understanding my true self. Working with Repa was ‘transformational’ at all levels. What I received from Repa was truly a life gift that has impacted all aspects of me as a person and my ability to lead others.

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Adele’s Story

Adele Murdolo
Executive Director
Multicultural Centre for Women's Health

Adele is a passionate advocate for immigrant and refugee women’s rights and wellbeing with extensive experience in research, policy analysis and strategic advocacy. As the the Executive Director for the MCWH Adele was seeking a tangible solution to grow the organisation in a new direction. Repa introduced Adele and MCWH to appreciative inquiry.

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Christine’s Story

Christine Clais
Small Business Owner
The French Facialist

Skincare expert, educator and author, Christine Clais (The French Facialist) has a thriving small business helping her clients improve and love their skin. The French born beauty therapist had some brilliant ideas around growing her business but she needed a professional sounding board and some practical advice. Then she met Repa Patel…

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Domenic’s Story

Domenic Luppino
Managing Director
FinGro Advisory Services

After a successful corporate career Domenic is now an entrepreneur, firstly creating a very successful outsourcing business that handles finance functions for other businesses and, more recently, co-leading a startup that has the potential to revolutionise communications during natural disasters.

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Sandra’s Story

Sandra Lordanic
Head of Finance and Governance
Australian Centre for the Moving Image

“Repa’s sensitive and fostering style guided me through a process which can be confronting, although her gentle but effective approach made me realise I focused more on achievements rather than being properly present in my professional and personal life. I now have a belief in me and look forward to a long partnership with Repa, and highly recommend her services to anyone who is committed to personal development.”

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Colleen’s Story

Colleen Newsome
Director HR Operations (People & Culture)
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Colleen is a strategic HR leader and executive business partner for People and Culture at ACCC, leading contemporary HR Operations across various states to enable delivery of the organisation’s goals. She is passionate about leading with a wellbeing approach and identity in mindful leadership.  

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