Many successful senior women leaders reach the apex of their career and are no longer satisfied with only achieving promotions and prestige.  They want to have a powerfully positive impact on their industry and community.

We’re led to believe that fulfilment and joy comes from acquiring things or attracting the right people.  This leads to disappointment and derailment when life doesn’t work out the way we expect.

The ancient yogis knew the importance of living a life on purpose. Your unique purpose brings genuine joy and connection.  It creates a compass for you to navigate your leadership, career and life.


  • I’m professionally successful but I’ve lost the enthusiasm for my work
  • I don’t have time for myself, even though I know it’s critical to “put my own oxygen mask on first”
  • I’ve attended yoga/meditation retreats but when I return to work, the effects fade quickly
  • Despite being successful, I still have moments of self doubt
  • I’ve experienced a recent event that has disoriented me.  I’m confused about my next steps
  • I just need time out to reconnect and nurture myself
Mindful Leadership Retreat

Unrivalled integration of leadership, strategy, yoga & meditation.

Life-changing conversations.

As we work through the curriculum you will:

  • Learn to transcend your mind to find calm in constant change
  • Connect with personal purpose to achieve your leadership and career goals
  • Learn to use your inner compass as a guide towards your highest potential as a leader
Mindful Leadership Retreat

Embrace the experience with your all-inclusive pass:


The Mindful Leadership Retreat 2024

Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th July 2024


Retreat Tuition Fee (non-inclusive of accommodation):

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD RATE (Ends May 31st 2024): $2750 + GST

Standard Rate: $3300 + GST

ACCOMMODATION (additional to Retreat Tuition Fee):

The venue for the 2024 retreat is the beautiful Mineral Springs Hotel in Hepburn, which includes luxurious accommodation and fabulous food. To allow you the choice of accommodation, I have negotiated a special rate for retreat guests starting at $245 inc GST. Information on how to access these discounted rates will be provided to you once full payment of the Retreat Tuition Fee has been received. 

To enhance your experience and results from the retreat, alcohol is not included in the Retreat Tuition Fee.


To change your situation, you need to change. This requires a mindset reset and energetic shift which can only be achieved with a deep connection to who you truly are. Withdrawing your awareness from the external world allows you to dedicate your focus to your highest values and innate strengths. This builds your platform for authentic strategic growth.

My client put it best when she said:

In the past I have only attended a day or a few hours of workshops, having 3 days to truly immerse ourselves in the content has been a luxury. I have been able to witness significant change in myself and all the women” – Freya Myles, Vendor & Buyer Advocate, Realm Advocates

Research shows that the impact of a holiday declines rapidly after you return to work. The same research shows that integrating meditation into your retreat is linked to higher levels of wellbeing, acting with awareness (mindfulness) and much lower levels of fatigue than simply taking a holiday.

So, if you want an instant and short term reprieve from the pressure of work, take a holiday.

If you want sustainable increases in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as a leader, meditation is the critical ingredient. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.

Great question. Your time, energy and focus are limited. It’s imperative that you choose a path that enables you to grow confidence and inner strength to become the leader you are destined to be.  

This retreat focuses on your mind and energy, not on external skills like communication or performance management.  

We dive deeply into your signatures of success and the impact you want to have in your leadership. From this authentic space you will create a compass to guide your decisions and set your goals.

You will learn how to increase your ability to reach your goals and tools to remove the mental and emotional barriers that can frustrate you as a leader.

In the words of my wonderful client:

“Repa’s retreat provided direction on a level that other leadership courses simply don’t give. The retreat has given me clarity on my purpose, values and intentions, and the tools to continue working on my dreams daily.” – Nicole Jacobs, Property Expert Channel 9’s The Block, Co-Founder & Managing Director WHITEFOX Advocacy

As a spiritual practitioner you likely have a meditation practice or may have attended yoga and meditation retreats. How do you bring the principles of mindfulness into the practice of your leadership? That’s the critical question we answer in this retreat.

The practical tools and strategies you will learn allow you to convert your powerfully personal practices into your performance as a leader. This leads to an increase in life satisfaction, wellbeing and leadership performance. 

This retreat is designed to create a community of high impact Executive women that value the integration of mind, body and spirit.

This retreat is not a good fit for you if you are a coach, facilitator, speaker or trainer.

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