Christine’s Story

Christine Clais
Small Business Owner
The French Facialist

Skincare expert, educator and author, Christine Clais (The French Facialist) has a thriving small business helping her clients improve and love their skin. The French born beauty therapist had some brilliant ideas around growing her business but she needed a professional sounding board and some practical advice. Then she met Repa Patel…

Client Q & A

  • Christine, can you tell us a little bit about your ideas for growing your business.

    I had been looking for a business coach for a while but was not sure where to find the right person for me.

    I wanted to work on a plan to help me grow my business and change my business from a very ‘hands-on’ model to one that allowed me to be more geographically mobile and less dependant on trading my time for money. I also wanted to access the business acumen and the critical thinking of someone outside my business and my industry.

  • And that’s when you found Leading Mindfully? What appealed to you about pursuing a coaching program with Repa?

    Well, I was not sure whether I could actually afford coaching or if my business was big enough to warrant Repa’s services. But I took the leap with Repa because of what I had heard about her holistic approach and the quality of her coaching. It is totally worth it as long as you are committed to doing the work and that you are open-minded.

  • How would you describe Repa as a coach?

    Her coaching style is subtle and yet profound, intuitive and yet logical, yin and yang. As a client, I sense that she ‘walks the talk’ and this makes her credible. This is why I highly respect her opinions.

    I would describe Repa’s approach as being holistic. In her work she considers the whole person and encourages her clients to consider their entire life and not just what relates to their work. This means that the changes I have made since working with Repa have been sustainable.

    Repa is an incredibly good listener and she has never pushed her views on me. On the contrary, she lets me explore ideas and come to my own conclusions, in my own time.

    During a coaching session, she is totally focussed on me as the client, and that makes me feel that she truly cares about helping me get results.

  • So the coaching has had an impact on you personally and your business?

    Absolutely. Coaching with Repa has forced me to ‘get real’ about my business goals by forcing me to establish a concrete plan for achieving them, and not just dreaming about them!

    The results have been very different from what I expected. When I first started working with Repa, I thought that I would be living in France by now but I am still here in Australia with a thriving business and a much stronger brand than before.

  • Would you recommend Repa to colleague or a friend?

    Well, I know how hard it can be to find a good coach! I’ve had one session with a coach before and it was a terrible experience: total lack of interest in the client, unprofessional in every sense of the term. This was a coach whom I found via Small Business Victoria.

    One of my own clients was recently looking for a coach and I referred her to Repa. I’m confident that my client will receive Repa’s undivided attention… she will receive genuine and real coaching which is hard to find.