Domenic’s Story

Domenic Luppino
Managing Director
FinGro Advisory Services

After a successful corporate career Domenic is now an entrepreneur, firstly creating a very successful outsourcing business that handles finance functions for other businesses and, more recently, co-leading a startup that has the potential to revolutionise communications during natural disasters.

Client Q & A

  • Domenic, how did you first find out about Repa?

    I met Repa Patel in November 2013 through an introduction from a past client of Repa’s. The client explained her own experience with Repa and the great work that was achieved during their sessions, which prompted me to consider seeking advice from an experienced business coach.

  • What your main concerns back then?

    I was running three independent businesses at the time and knew that I needed to seriously assess each business and the opportunities that they each presented to me. Whilst I was making a profit, my family life was suffering and the returns were not justifying the time spent.

    I knew that some restructuring was required in order for me to optimise my position for both my business and my family. I needed to set some goals and execute a plan of attack to achieve these goals. I realised very quickly I needed independent expert advice as I was emotionally attached to each of the three businesses I was running.

  • What was it like working with Repa?

    After our first consultation, I instantly realised the great value that Repa could add to my business. I engaged her to be my business coach and we subsequently conducted coaching sessions in 2013 and 2014.

    Repa and I began our sessions by doing some very important goal setting which encompassed not only business related goals but personal and family related ones also.

    From these goals, we then began to assess and appraise each business in great detail in order to identify the current status of each business. We soon realised that the current position was not optimal so we began to brainstorm opportunities that I never knew existed within my industries. We created a new plan of attack which involved a restructuring of each business and an execution plan, in order to achieve my newly defined goals.

  • Would you consider your coaching sessions to be a worthwhile investment as a small business owner?

    Yes, absolutely. Within 6 months of executing the plan, my businesses grew and client numbers increased by 50%. Within 12 months they increased by 100% doubling in numbers. In addition, my family life and time spent with my children was enhanced as a result of the restructure.

    Repa played a significant role in the success of my businesses for which I am sincerely grateful. I am really fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by her. She was courteous and professional the entire time, demonstrating patience and an excellent ability to truly listen to my circumstances.

  • Would you recommend Repa to other people in business?

    Repa is a strategic and lateral thinker who provided me with outstanding advice and recommendations at a time when my judgement may have been clouded due to my emotional ties with my businesses.

    I would highly recommend Repa to any person that requires a strategic direction in business and would rate her as the best business coach I have ever met.

    I would like to thank Repa for having such a positive impact helping me create business success!

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