Kelly’s Story

Kelly Spiteri
Executive Advisor
Victorian Legal Services Commissioner

Kelly is a highly effective Executive Advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the Victorian social insurance jurisdictions and a passion for social justice and welfare.

She is an outcome-oriented professional with an established track record of taking ownership, with the ability to diagnose an issue and create effective direction to deliver high quality and sustainable outcomes. A proven key influencer committed to working collaboratively across organisations and stakeholder networks, Kelly is filled with energy, pragmatism and sound emotional judgement.

Client Q & A

  • What was the best part of working with me?

    Your thoughtful and empowering style of engagement – challenging me with kindness and compassion. Holding me accountable for being at the heart of my own destiny.
    Your holistic approach – recognising all the contributors to my wellbeing and building a program that worked on all the elements.
    Your ability to get the best out of me and inspire me to believe in my ability.

  • What did you learn?

    The value of preparation;
    An insight into my own value, skills and experience and where they fit in after much time spent in the one sector. A deeper respect for the connection between mind, body and performance.

  • How has our work together benefited you, your career and business?

    I have a greater understanding of being healthy in both body and mind. I’ve grown in confidence, resilience and determination.

    I have been able to transition successfully into a different sector, secure a fantastic role that aligns with my skills and experience and provides an opportunity to build towards the next opportunity.

  • Why should others consider working with me in the future?

    It’s easy to get a very narrow view of your worth, and you have helped to translate that to other roles (and life experiences) and to help me see opportunities that I would otherwise disregard or believe I’m incapable of challenging.

    On a much deeper level though, you helped me understand and appreciate more of myself and my own worth.