Katie’s Story

Katie Berman
Senior Consultant
Pinnacle Group Australia

Somehow my life led me to Leading Mindfully and I will be forever grateful to have been coached by someone as truly and deeply wise as Repa, who shared so much of who she is and what she has experienced.

I value and appreciate everything I did with Repa and I look forward to continuing our relationship as I travel along my professional journey.

Client Q & A

  • What was the best part of working with Repa?

    Repa helped and supported me in so many areas of my personal and professional life. I experienced her always giving 100% in our sessions and creating a safe, supportive environment.  She shared so much of her true self.

  • What did you learn?

    Repa shared her models, frameworks and ideas with me, challenging my thinking, my heart and my way of being in a compassionate, kind and understanding way. She also understood how I thought, giving me what I needed in a way that worked for me.

  • How has working together with Repa benefited you, your career and business?

    Repa helped me to work with my fear, rather than against it, making me feel safe and supported as I made the biggest professional decision so far in my career.

  • Why should others consider working with Repa in the future?

    The great thing about Repa is that she holds you accountable, compassionately pushing you to grow even when you show resistance. She’ll guide you in discovering  your own answers, even if she already knows what they are.  Wisdom and compassion in reaching your highest potential is what coaching with Repa will bring you.