There are many types of leaders and, yet, very few of the leaders I meet have consciously chosen the type of leader they want to become. 

The conscious choices you make as a leader begins with why you want to lead. 

I came to learn this the hard way. In my corporate life, I started to feel like I wasn’t in the right job, and that perhaps I should be doing something else. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what this ‘something else’ was, and so, I continued working in the same environment despite my head and heart telling me otherwise. 

Eventually, this dissonance between my spirit and actions manifested physically in my body as an illness requiring a major surgery. I was forced to take a long break from work and a long recuperation period enabled me to work through this dissonance, with the help of my pranayama and yoga practice.

I came to realise that I wanted to lead in a very different sense. My purpose was to help leaders align with their meaning and purpose, build a thriving career, enabling others to grow and leaving a meaningful impact. 

The choices you make today will determine your leadership future so choose consciously.

Because many people find it hard to define their leadership purpose, I’ve created a quick and simple guide to get you started:

4 Simple Steps to Align Your Leadership Purpose


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