Welcome to my 2021 Mindful Leadership Challenge to celebrate Mindfulness and Compassion Week.

What’s the challenge? 5 days of practical tools to create a compass to navigate uncertainty and lead your team to deliver market leading results in the new financial year.


Check back here each day for a new video on a range of mindful leadership topics, and, if you’d like to be sent the daily meditations, simply contact me with your email address and I’ll ensure that they’re sent to you. Wishing you many mindful moments.


Mindful Leadership Challenge Day 1: Clarity

In times of crisis, it’s natural to desire structure and control. However, in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is simply impossible to maintain control over everything.

Day 1 of the Mindful Leadership Challenge is all about clarity, in particular, clarity in what you CAN control as a leader.

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Mindful Leadership Challenge Day 2:

How To Navigate Uncertainty

 Research shows that when you integrate your personal motivation with the reason you choose to lead others, you are more likely to achieve holistic success, including psychologically, emotionally and financially. 

As we move into the new financial year, where little is certain, learn how to connect with your purpose.

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Mindful Leadership Challenge Day 3:

The Missing Ingredient in Leadership Development

What’s the best approach to develop and grow as a leader?  

Most people use a gap analysis or a skills competency framework.  Whilst these can be helpful there is a key ingredient that is often missed.

Watch the video to learn what self compassion means and why it is critical in leadership development.

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Mindful Leadership Challenge Day 4:

Having Difficult Conversations With Authenticity

Many people mistakenly think compassion means avoiding difficult decisions and discussions. In fact, this is the opposite of true compassion.

Learn how to implement difficult business decisions with compassion by watching the video.

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Mindful Leadership Challenge Day 5:

Exponential Growth for FY 2021/22

As we enter the new financial year in Australia, uncertainty continues to remain certain.  So how do you ensure your leaders have the right skills to lead your business through this uncertainty?  The key is engaging the hearts and minds of their teams to deliver exponential growth.

For the final day of this challenge I share a framework to achieve significant change and growth in your business.

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