I did something really scary 😨

Last year I ran the first Mindful Leadership Institute Retreat for executive women as a tentative experiment.  

The second retreat for this year is starting today at Hepburn Springs and I’ve been reflecting.

In 2009 I was initiated into the Kripalu lineage of yoga.  Yes, that’s me during the initiation ceremony.  So much has changed since those photos.  For one, I now wear glasses 🤓

An initiation is very different to graduating from a yoga school and becoming a yoga teacher.

Yes, I am a yoga teacher, but initiation goes much deeper.  I took a vow to apply the lifestyle, psychology and principles of yoga to my everyday life as a leader and human being.

It was transformative not only to my leadership (I was a corporate leader at the time) but also to my life.  I gave up my corporate leadership role to set up Leading Mindfully. 

But something was still missing.  I wanted to bring these amazing yogic practices to executive women so that they could design their own destiny.

I wanted to bring the deepest practices of my lineage into the practice of leadership.  How would people react?  How would they judge me?  Would anyone come?

Despite the doubts I decided to run the first retreat in July 2022 as a “by invitation only” event and it surpassed my expectations.  Taking courageous action with self compassion paid off.

I found a whole new way to live my purpose in elevating leadership.  Here’s how some of my clients describe their experience:

🙌 “Unparalleled, deeply restorative, highly recommended” Kathie Tomeo

🙌 “Wow, amazing” Jessica Burdett

🙌 “A level of direction that other leadership courses simply don’t give” Nicole Jacobs

🙌 “I highly recommend the retreat to other impactful women.  I guarantee you’ll walk away feeling like superwoman” Mariah Loriente


What’s the most courageous thing you’ve done recently? 

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