Research shows that the rate of stress and burnout in the Australian workforce is increasing. Australian workers are some of the most burnt out in the world, according to a recent study by Adecco.

As uncertainty ramps up its certainty, your ability to lead your team to deliver the business outcomes required is likely to be rocked about – yet the expectations on you continue to increase. Combined with resource shortages, returning to the office, hybrid working and the continued impacts of Covid on businesses, it’s no wonder that many teams are feeling drained.

While you may think wellbeing initiatives are the answer, research shows that corporate wellness programs simply don’t deliver the outcomes they promise.

So what does work?

The ancient yogis would say that you need to stop identifying yourself as your role.

When playing Tony Stark (i.e. ‘Iron Man’) in the Avengers movies, actor Robert Downey Jr. said that he would actually become the character in real life. Even after the cameras stopped rolling, he would continue to act like Tony Stark with his friends and family in order to stay in character while filming. But, once the movie wrapped up, he would switch back to himself.

This is the same for leaders.

Think of your role at work as a jacket you wear. You are in control of when you wear it, and when you take it off.

You also have the ability to wear different jackets as needed. Sometimes you might wear the compassionate jacket, then you could swap to the visionary jacket. Perhaps you then end your day in the advocate jacket.

When you go home you remove your work jacket and put on your parent and partner jacket. This allows you to be fully present in your personal relationships without having your work playing on loop in your head.

Many of my clients find this simple concept difficult to implement. And let’s face it, they’re not alone.  Mastering the mind is a skill developed with dedicated practice.  But, the benefits are immense and include increased wellbeing.

The longer term benefits of taking control of your role? Burnout is in the rearview mirror, and with your renewed resilience you’re less ruffled by unexpected events.


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