Africa gave birth to me, England raised me and Australia adopted me almost 25 years ago.

What this means is that I blend the best of eastern wisdom traditions with the rigour of western science.

I have come to believe that my ethnicity and my refugee experience are the core of whom I am and, as this gets reflected more and more in my work, I have realised that this approach strengthens my difference in the market.

But it was not always like that for me.

As a migrant I wanted to blend in so badly that I softened my differences, sometimes to the point of trying to eliminate them altogether, believing they were a liability to belonging and being successful.

Now I know they are an asset.

I understand how difficult it is for migrant women to take the first step into employment in a very different culture.

That’s why I felt very honoured to be invited by AmesAustralia to facilitate a panel discussion recently at their women’s forum with the minister for women Natalie Hutchins.

The topic was CALD women and the double glass ceiling.

How have you used your differences to accelerate your career?