The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has created an uncertain world in which executives worldwide are navigating new challenges, one of which is how to lead a remote team whilst maintaining a coaching and mentoring relationship.

Research shows that almost 90% of people are concerned about job security and their financial situation post- COVID.  Its critical leaders know that most people in their teams are experiencing anxiety, even if they don’t expressly communicate this.  What leaders focus on now is vital to supporting their team and business success moving forward.

Purpose drives performance. A purpose ignites the emotional energy, the hearts and minds of people. It drives engagement and discretionary effort, inspiring others to move forward and contribute to a higher cause that aligns with their personal values.

Whilst a purpose may not reduce work hours, or the complexity and difficulties being faced, it will give your team a compass to guide its focus, enabling everyone to make decisions from a centred and grounded space.

The world has changed significantly but so have the needs of your customers, stakeholders and shareholders, and staff. So whilst it’s important to manage what’s going on right now it’s absolutely critical that leadership teams re-evaluate what the needs of their customers are now and what the needs of their customers are going to be moving forward. Many organisations fail to capitalise on growth opportunities in a crisis because they’re often focused on the wrong thing – survival.  Whilst survival is important, it’s only compliance.

On a recent trip to India, I stopped the car to take in what was in front of me. I remember that the assault on my senses was overwhelming but in varied ways. Visually, it was astonishingly beautiful. I was surrounded by a breathtaking sea of pink lotus flowers. What overpowered my sense of smell was the filthy water that the flowers sat on –  it stank!

Lotus flowers grow and thrive in muddy water, their long stems taking root in the muck below.   Their perfect growing conditions would be disastrous for a rose.  Yet they thrive.

Chances are right now leadership teams are focused on problem-solving and managing the impact of the Coronavirus.  This is important to keep your business alive, but like a lotus flower,  your leadership team needs help not only to survive during a crisis but to thrive.

What’s required is a leadership mindset shift towards managing the crisis now and, at the same time, readjusting to the new needs of your customers to identify areas of growth.

What is your leadership team doing to emerge from the filthy waters of the Coronavirus and purposefully help the organisation to thrive, despite the crisis?